Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out

Hello Everyone,
I recently was introduced to someone who works in the film industry and we started talking about what I do as a holistic skin care therapist and this woman immediately asked me what was the secret to younger looking skin. I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked what is the one product that I could recommend that would sort of be that miracle cream. I think we’ve all been there when we’ve purchased a product hoping and praying that we get the results we’ve book looking for.

I am repeatedly amazed that we live in a society where beauty products are marketed in such a way to make us think that a cream will work magic over night to erase whatever skin care flaws we think we have.
I recently looked through some old photographs of me when I was younger and I had to stop and laugh at the amount of makeup and lipstick I wore back then. I probably thought that true beauty was a matte finish and red lipstick. I suppose I wanted to look older than I was and thought cosmetics were the answer. I have nothing against cosmetics and am happy that there are products on the market that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Let’s be honest, healthy skin starts with a comprehensive approach to wellness that cannot be achieved over night, but is an ongoing process. So often I am asked what beauty products I use to get that glow, but truth be told, it really is about the quality of food you eat.

Radiant skin and vibrant health go hand in hand and starts with pure clean water, a diet that is rich in raw fruits and vegetables, exercise to get the body moving , a daily practice of relaxation techniques and get a good night’s sleep.

The foods with the highest antioxidant content and the most nutrients for our skin are also the most brightly colored. Listed are a few foods that not only pack a big punch but are also readily available at your local super markets.

Green Foods
Green fruits and vegetables are rich in health promoting phytochemicals such as lutein and folate. Green foods can support most bodily functions and eliminate toxins such as heavy metals, which can weaken our tissues and lead to disease over time. Add arugula, avocado, kale, broccoli, kiwi, spinach, and Swiss chard to your diet to boost your energy level.

Orange/Yellow Foods
High in vitamin C, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables are also excellent sources of beta carotene. Beta carotene is part of a larger family of nutrients called carotenoids, which are plant pigments with vitamin-like properties. Incorporate carrots, mangoes, oranges, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, and yellow beets into your diet.

Blue/Purple Foods
Fruits and vegetables derive their bright blue and purple color from plant chemicals called anthocyanins which are potent antioxidants that protect many body systems. Anthocyanins neutralize enzymes that destroy connective tissue and their antioxidant capacity prevents oxidants from damaging connective tissue. Incorporate blackberries, blueberries, eggplant, figs, purple cabbage, and purple grapes into your diet.

Red Foods
Red fruits and vegetables are packed with the potent antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene protects your cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. Add raspberries, red bell peppers, ruby red grapefruit, strawberries, tomatoes, and watermelon to your diet.

Holistic Foods provide many benefits including:
• Prevent chronic illnesses
• Strengthen the immune system
• Nourish and feed your skin cells with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
• Provide medicinal qualities that rejuvenate and heal the body

When you are thinking about the foods you eat, remember that organic is always best and keep it simple and keep it fun!!

Live Beautifully,

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  1. Love this, Tracy! Thanks so much fr all the great work you are doing and info you are sharing!

  2. Great knowledge for skin care it is good blog thanks.

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